Michael Grady, Realtor®

Michael Grady, Michael Saunders & Company®, Main Street - Sarasota Office
Mobile: 941.350.4878
1605 Main St, Sarasota, FL 34236
Office phone: 941.951.6660
Languages spoken: English

Michael Grady joins Michael Saunders & Company with six years of real estate experience and a deep knowledge of the area after growing up in Sarasota from a young age. A strong interest in architecture originally sparked his interest in real estate, while purchasing his own properties accelerated his desire to help others do the same.

Michael holds a degree in finance from the University of Florida and... more. worked in the mortgage industry before becoming an agent, both of which he says have been a great help in achieving the best possible outcome for his customers. With the addition of his integrity, dependability and gratitude, customers rely on Michael to bring an unmatched level of dedication to every transaction.

Michael spends his free time soaking in the Florida sun either by boating, biking or going to the beach. With a large family, most of whom are local, he can also be found joining them in checking out a multitude of dining and entertainment venues in the area.

*Properties may have been sold through another real estate broker