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All For One and One For All

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Each year, Michael Saunders & Company offices recognize premier performers and applaud professional accomplishments at the Top Performers Celebration. In addition to sales volume achievements and customer service acknowledgement, one additional award is given with a deeper meaning. The John McMahon Award is unique as it is voted on by agents within each office for the peer they think is the most supportive of the office and helpful to others. One agent is chosen from each Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte offices, each year. To achieve this, agents have said, is a great recognition to be valued for how much they care about their team. In many ways, the John McMahon award embodies the core values of the company as desirable traits to have in each employee. However, an even greater measure of caliber for being honored is sharing the traits of the man the award is named after.

John McMahon, an agent in the Sarasota Main Street Office, worked for MSC for many years, according to Senior Residential Support Manager, Gary Loughlin. John consistently went out of his way to help his fellow agents and office members. An early supporter of technology and computer system adoption within Michael Saunders & Company, John often took the initiative to make sure his team was informed, helping them with computer questions and getting acclimated. Originally, the award was called the “Most Valuable Team Player” award, and John was chosen by his office team mates each year to receive it.

In 2003, with great sadness, John passed away. When it was time for offices to vote on their team members the next year, MSC decided to honor John’s memory and commitment to the company and agents by changing the name of the award to the John McMahon Award. Agents who receive this are often held to that level of expectation to exemplify his commitment to helping his fellow agents.

It is not uncommon to see the same agents be voted for year after year for all they do. Debbie Judge, Palmer Ranch office manager, said she received the award twice when she wan agent. When Palmer Ranch agents left the breakfast ceremony this past March, all the talk was about receiving the John McMahon award, she said, so past recipients and the current recipient all took a photo to share their pride. Agreeing with the sentiment, Gary said receiving the award is always seen as a true honor for an agent.

Past and present recipients of the John McMahon Award at Palmer Ranch Office

Sixteen MSC agents were bestowed the John McMahon Award in 2018 for their team work and company service in 2017, which you can see here. Being a Top Performer in Michael Saunders & Company brings incredible shine and status to an agent’s resume for their hard work and sales tenacity, but being chosen for the John McMahon award exemplifies an agent’s integrity, excellence and communication – true core values of the company – and who they are as a person. It is no surprise that often agents receiving the John McMahon Award also rank highly in the sales volume and sales performance categories, as well. For these recipients showing their fellow agents such commitment and caring, it’s not wonder they satisfy and show as much commitment to their customers. For Michael Saunders & Company, the company is exceptional, because the people are exceptional.

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