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Defining luxury in an ever-changing world

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Defining Luxury


If Noah Webster were alive today he may well have changed the definition of luxury in his big book of words.

Surely, his definition – “a condition of abundance or great ease or comfort,” still works.

As does “sumptuous environment lived in luxury.”

Like Florida in July, he was getting warmer.

A second entry: “Something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary – One of life’s luxuries” raises great questions.

“What is absolutely necessary to the home buyer today? What do they consider to be “one of life’s luxuries?”


In pre-pandemic days the answer may have been something entirely different. An exquisite open floor plan, a spacious walk-in closet or perhaps a spectacular view.

While that still aptly describes luxury – Luxury like beauty – is defined ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

Surely the beholder’s tastes of those seeking homes in the luxury market is evolving. Things once considered “one of life’s luxuries” – today a must and a necessity.

A comfortable, safe entertainment room to make memories with family and friends. A well-equipped home office that provides utility and security without leaving home. A view and space that’s a refuge from a bustling and spinning world.

Air. An ability to breathe easier. Freely.

A necessity to all. But to those seeking luxurious options – always placed at the top of their list.

A sense of place. Found in towns providing a respite. A pause. A place to breathe along Florida’s Gulf coast. And the one option that seekers of luxury demand today.

Peace of mind.  The ultimate – Luxury.


Found in a place called Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Brought to you by Michael Saunders & Company.

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For over four decades defining the luxury market in an ever-changing world.

When it comes to the “book on luxury real estate.”

There is but one entry and one definition that’s necessary.

Michael Saunders & Company – “One of life’s luxuries.

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