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Introducing: Now Trending 

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Introducing: Now Trending 

A few weeks back, we introduced our new video series, Michael Saunders ON, featuring Michael and California Association of Realtors Chief Economist, Leslie Appleton-Young. 

This week, we are launching a new feature series for our blog called, Now Trending, which surfaces specific market activity and consumer trend information that can’t be accessed anywhere else.

This content will be truly unique to us, and we believe it will hold true value to you, your clients, and the marketplace as a whole.

This insight will come from two places: the activity and traffic patterns we see on our website, and commentary from selected agents in the local markets we spotlight. We hope the series will serve as a source of deeper market knowledge for our company and for you to share with consumers.

Website trends receives millions of visitors a year. What they view, save and share from our site provides a window into their interests and a glimpse into future behavior and trends. This information, when contextualized, is arguably more valuable than the leads the site produces.  

The data we are most interested in surfacing includes: 

  • The top five most popular viewed, saved and shared homes across different price points 
  • Which neighborhoods and communities were most viewed 
  • Specific home features that seem to be more common and sought-after than others

Having access to this information is vital and can positively impact how each of you counsel clients across every transaction and circumstance, including: pricing your listings, writing property descriptions, and making recommendations to buyers. 

For example, we know home office spaces, gyms and larger kitchens are trending right now. We know that square footage is more important than ever given the amount of time we now spend at home.

What else is trending? Our website knows. This series is designed to unlock that information. 

Agent insights

Like our website, you are a treasure trove of information. You know where sellers are moving to and why. You know what types of homes your buyers want, what features they want, where they want to move to, and why they want to live in those neighborhoods.

In a sense, you all have a glimpse into the future of our marketplace. 

We believe that by extracting and publishing this information, we will provide each other and the marketplace a level of detailed information that’s not available anywhere else. 

Every Now Trending post will feature a series of trends based on our site analytics. We will also source commentary from you about these trends and feature you in these posts. 

If you’re the listing agent of a property that is among the most viewed on our site, we will ask for your insight about why that is. If you’re an agent working in a most-viewed neighborhood, we will reach out for your insights and commentary. If you are active and running transactions, you will be featured in one of these posts. 

We are looking forward to launching this series. 

– Michael and Drayton

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