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A Royal Visit From Mayfair International

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Nick Churlton, Kelley Callaway, and Annette Reeve visit our listings at Beau Ciel in downtown Sarasota

A Royal Visit

About once a year, the directors of our London office affiliate, Mayfair International Realty, make the trip across the pond to visit our offices across Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties to connect and mingle with Michael Saunders & Company agents. Annette Reeve’s and Nick Churlton’s regular visits are valuable for Michael Saunders & Company in so many ways, but especially to see from an outside perspective how Sarasota real estate is changing while keeping us informed of the current trends or variants in global real estate markets.

Early December, Annette and Nick toured several MSC property listings at varied price points – from luxury to urban residential to new development. Their takeaways are an opportunity for us to see how we have grown, not just as a company but as a community.

The following passage has been written by Nick Churlton, Managing Director, Mayfair International Realty:

Although Annette and I travel extensively throughout the USA, each time we turn off the I-95 and drive into Sarasota we have the profound and pleasurable sense of returning home. Sarasota was the first US city we came to know when we began our American business adventure fifteen years ago and it has remained close to our hearts.

Home is important to all of us. The feeling that our own special place gives is fundamental to all beings. To many of us, a home should be an exciting, safe, beautiful and comfortable place. Which is why, of course, Sarasota is so special. It ticks all those boxes and many more besides.

Like many thriving and popular cities, Sarasota is a place of great vision and change – fresh investment and new construction see to that. We saw this vibrancy for ourselves again recently when we were in the West Villages and also Downtown where thrilling new developments like the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Mark Sarasota and Auteur are not so much changing the city but sensationalizing it even further.

Elsewhere in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties, change is also afoot but perhaps at a more leisurely pace. This is good; as they say in sports, don’t change a winning team. Although we all are excited by the new we also need a degree of stability and reference in our surroundings. So it is always lovely to visit places like the barrier islands for their more timeless character.

We believe that Sarasota will continue its ascendancy as one of the great US destinations. It is an exciting time with more real estate choice than ever and ever more facilities for lucky residents.

Wherever one lives in the world, these are uncertain and paradoxical times. Political tensions and economic uncertainties dominate the fortunes of many nations which is why so many people from all over the globe will continue to be drawn to Sarasota for its stability and its ability to imaginatively embrace the future while robustly cherishing the past.

About Mayfair
Mayfair International Realty was founded in 1995 in London and has expanded throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, America, Caribbean, Costa Rica and South Africa. The company brings together the finest luxury real estate from the best brokers and agents, and properties ranging all price points.

The Michael Saunders & Company affiliation with Mayfair International Realty brings a level of specialized services at the disposal of our experts and agents to market properties and refer relocating customers to global brokers.

Discover how an MSC agent can market the sale of your home on an international level. If you’re considering relocating overseas, contact MSC Relocation and Referral Division to discuss how we can help you get associated with global brokers around the world.


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