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Mayfair International’s 2019 Visit: The Colour Sarasota

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Mayfair International Realty visits Michael Saunders & Company offices in December.

Every December, our associates look forward to a special visit from our extended family. The directors of our London office affiliate, Mayfair International Realty, journey to Florida to tour the ever-evolving Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties.

It is always a pleasure to catch up with Annette Reeve and Nick Churton and gain new perspectives on how Sarasota real estate has changed, as well as how it relates to the international market.

This December, Annette and Nick toured several MSC property listings with a special interest in our hottest new developments.

The following passage has been written by Nick Churlton, Managing Director, Mayfair International Realty:

The Colour Sarasota

“My colleague, Annette Reeve, and I visit Sarasota once a year – twice if we can make it – but whatever the number is, it is never enough. Our work means that these much-looked-forward-to pilgrimages are limited – as there are so many more markets around the US to visit, get to know and understand. How else should we be able honestly to recommend locations and real estate to international buyers without having first-hand knowledge?

The USA has such diverse and attractive markets that it is difficult to answer the question we are often asked, ‘where would you chose to live?’ Well, where would we choose? East Coast or West Coast, mountain or desert, waterside or woodland, Gulf or Great Lakes, urban or country, trendy or a little crazy: they all have their attractions.

Annette and I first arrived in Sarasota fifteen years ago and loved it. Since then, in our view, the city has only got better. Of course, thankfully, some things remain the same. The sun still sets spectacularly over Siesta Key Beach and St Armand’s Circle remains a thriving evening treat. But downtown has changed out of all recognition. Today it is not just a centre for business and commerce but also for living. On our latest visit to Sarasota, we were lucky to visit several new developments. Each reflected the way lifestyle choices have changed over the past decade-and-a-half. The growing demand, from both millennials and boomers for high-specification urban living, is a phenomenon set to continue. But this is happening everywhere. What is not everywhere is the proximity to breath-taking water and world-class culture. Mix these two hues on a pallet and splash in some great places to live and you have the colour, Sarasota.

All our choices concerning where we want to live are coloured by various personal preferences. Annette and I think that the unique blend of climate, architecture, natural beauty, communications, culture, lifestyle and opportunity offered by Sarasota is impossible to find anywhere else. And it seems that over the past fifteen years lots of other people have come to think the same.”

Nick Churton and Annette Reeve run Mayfair International and the Michael Saunders and Company London office. The developments they recently visited were Mark Sarasota, EPOCH, Auteur, Oceane and 89 Beach.

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Always a pleasure

Michael Saunders & Company greatly appreciates the relationship we have with Mayfair International Realty, and especially that with Nick and Annette. We are very pleased we were able to share with them the experience of the latest downtown developments and residential real estate growth from Anna Maria Island to Boca Grande.

About Mayfair
Mayfair International Realty was founded in 1995 in London and has expanded throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, America, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and South Africa. The company brings together the finest luxury real estate from the best brokers and agents, and properties ranging all price points.

The Michael Saunders & Company affiliation with Mayfair International Realty brings a level of specialized services at the disposal of our experts and agents to market properties and refer relocating customers to global brokers.

Discover how an MSC agent can market the sale of your home on an international level. If you’re considering relocating overseas, contact MSC Relocation and Referral Division to discuss how we can help you get associated with global brokers around the world.

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