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Michael Saunders on Get Real With Lucy

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Sitting down with Lucy Edwards, the Director of Client Success at VHT Studios and host of Get Real With Lucy, Michael Saunders, our Founder and CEO, elaborates on the dynamics of today’s real estate market and the lessons she has learned through 46 years of success. From nurturing a strong commitment to community to being an independent woman of integrity in the real estate industry to building a trusted local business with a respected global reputation, Michael describes the fundamental elements that have led to Michael Saunders & Company being the powerhouse market leader it is today.



Lucy Edwards has a passion for building relationships and sharing knowledge of the real estate industry through her video program and talk show, Get Real with Lucy and Lunch with Lucy. As host, she utilizes more than 20 years of real estate experience to engage industry leaders in conversation and ask insightful questions about the things they are passionate and know the most about. Her video programs provide tips and inspiration for professionals in real estate, or any business, who is interested in improving productivity, harvesting customer relationships and building their reputation.


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