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Now Trending | August

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The month of July 2020 has been one for the record books. COVID-19 has put our state in the national spotlight. While the number of cases in our communities have been low, the overall toll it has taken on us as residents, friends, neighbors and family is real. 

It’s a good sign that people here take this seriously and are doing right by each other. It’s another reason to love this place we call home.  

From a trending perspective, COVID has impacted our real estate market in a variety of ways. For starters, there is a shortage of listings coupled with high buyer demand, which has kept home prices stable. 

Our July website traffic provides a wider look at this reality:

  • Activity is up 20.6% from this time last year.
  • There were 174,234 total sessions with 72,763 search results generated.

This activity is not only a phenomenal stat given the reality we are experiencing but also provides deep insight into consumer patterns. 

Let’s dive in. 

Homes trending under $1 million

There is a volume of search activity in this category. Trending at the top of is this beautiful home located at 8038 Bobcat Cir, Sarasota, FL 34238 listed by Susan Katanic and Janet Montgomery. This property is a highly desirable stand-alone two bedroom located in Deer Creek, a community surrounded by numerous lakes and wooded preserves and a stone’s throw from Siesta Key and downtown Sarasota.

Also trending high is this property located at 1723 Bay St, Sarasota, FL 34236 listed by Maurice Menager and Lin Dunn. This home’s charm shines as a result of its unique design features, the privacy it offers its owners and the large outdoor living space (which includes a pool and spa). Its close proximity to Sarasota and the Bayfront, gives this property a high walkability score which is a highly desired by buyers. 

Homes trending over $1 million

There is also considerable activity in the upper end — a segment of the real estate market that we have specialized in for over 40 years.

Topping the list as the most viewed is a home located at 528 74th St, Holmes Beach, FL 34217 listed by Victoria Sperounes. The reasons why this home has ranked high by Web users is indicative of how it’s priced, how it was photographed which truly showcases the home in all its splendor. The property features endless outdoor spaces, a spectacular view, a pool and spa. I also think the swing set adds to the charm. 

Also trending is 5021 Brywill Cir, Sarasota, FL 34234, a gorgeous home listed by Nora Johnson and Klaus Lang. This home is all about the outdoor living space set amidst lush and tropical gardens as well as a large covered entertaining space with a built-in kitchen. The inside of the home offers luxurious details, and for the price, this home has everything. 

Locations that are trending

Siesta Key: One of the communities most searched for on our website right now is Siesta Key. We reached out to Suki Scollo from our Siesta Key office for her take on why this area is trending. According to Suki, “Siesta has always been a popular destination for Midwesterners. But since COVID-19, those who live landlocked and are facing being stuck indoors all winter are looking for an escape and searching areas where they have vacationed like Siesta Key and Sarasota.”

Suki also offered insight on the specific types of buyers who are looking, including second home buyers who desperately need an escape place in case there’s another shutdown. 

We also spoke with Cole Collins, who operates out of the Siesta Key office. He believes another reason for the activity here is from people who live in locations with high property taxes, as well as high city, state and federal income taxes. Factor this in with historically low financing rates, beautiful weather, the nation’s #1 beach, and the move to Siesta Key becomes a no-brainer.

Lakewood Ranch:  There’s no question that between its national coverage, lifestyle and price point, Lakewood Ranch is consistently one of the top trending destinations on our website. 

According to Holly Winkle, who works out of our Lakewood Ranch office, “Lakewood Ranch is filled with pristine beauty, abundant shopping and dining integrated throughout the neighborhoods with A-rated schools that appeal to those seeking full time residence here.”

David Mills, who also works out of our Lakewood Ranch office, believes that the appeal here is how “fresh, stylish and progressive it is.” Lakewood Ranch is a multi-generational community, giving it a neighborhood feel similar to places where residents are relocating from. Add in the championship golf courses, polo matches, international rowing events, parks with miles of hiking trails, state-of-the-art medical facilities, cultural diversity, nearby SRQ International Airport, Broadway shows, museums, and a short 25-minute drive to top-rated Sarasota, Bradenton and St. Pete beaches, it’s no wonder this area trends high. 

In addition to the most viewed homes and locations from our website traffic, many other homes and locations are ranking high. In general, homes with added outdoor spaces and privacy are getting more views. Homes that are in close proximity to either downtown areas or recreation are highly popular as are homes with home offices, home gyms and remodeled kitchens. We are also getting a sense of specific price points that seem to draw more attention than others. 

This information instructs us on how to enhance the marketing and positioning of all properties regardless of where inside or outside the trend lines they fall. 

The thing about trends is that what might be trending today not only dictates what becomes reality tomorrow, but as we have learned over the decade, can trigger and surface new trends as well. 


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