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The People of Michael Saunders & Company

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Michael Saunders & Company began with one woman on a mission to provide exceptional real estate service to the Sarasota area with a dedicated specialization toward luxury properties. There was an ambition to be an industry leader. There was a vision to grow and expand. All of this, more than 40 years later, has exceeded her expectations.

The company possibly would not have the reputation and respect it has just by Michael’s name and independent work alone. With awe and pride, Michael Saunders, Founder and CEO, speaks with open admiration and confidence that she herself did not make the company what it is known for, today.

“The people are the heart and soul of Michael Saunders & Company. They are the ones that have created the culture, created the brand, that have created the trusted reputation. So, the people are everything,” she said in the latest Saunders Story video.

A company is built on the stature of those connecting and establishing relationships with its customers. The employees are what gives the company a reputation. Without doubt, Michael said she believes the Michael Saunders & Company associates have been the driving force behind the company’s success in Sarasota real estate.

Drayton Saunders, President, said he believes they are fortunate to find professionals that regard the company’s core values as their own; reaffirming them into every transaction, communication, and relationship is what sets the company apart from the rest.

Michael and Drayton agreed the company has exceeded industry and quality standards because of the nearly 700 agents and 200 team members spanning Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee counties, dedicated to the community and the customers.

“It all starts with the passion to be exceptional at what you are focused on doing, and that takes time,” Drayton said. “It has taken 40 years to build an amazing team, but I think you could ask anyone in the company, “What sets us apart,” and it’s always going to come back to the people.”

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