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Making sustainable choices on the Suncoast

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Sustainability is front of mind, now more than ever. Changing everyday habits to be greener and more eco-friendly may not always be easy, but definitely worthwhile. Where better to start than in and around the home?

According to RISMedia, homeowners, builders, and vendors alike are becoming more Earth-conscious. Whether it is seeking a more renewable resource for construction, upgrading to energy-efficient features, or factoring in climate impact with insurance options, the real estate world is looking to help sellers and buyers make sustainable choices.

We have vetted a list of green ideas and solutions you can implement today for a greener tomorrow.

Retrofit your home

Smart-home automation is excellent for energy efficiency.

  1. Harness the sun – By converting your home to solar power and installing solar panels, you add value to the property, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save on monthly utility bills.
  2. Be more efficient – Upgrade your current appliances and systems in the home to more energy-efficient ones with the EnergyStar logo to save energy use and cost as well as increase value if you choose to sell in the near future.
  3. Upgrade with intelligence – Smart-home integration is a desirable feature for any homeowner or buyer, and many of these devices offer eco-friendly advantages like automatically altering temperatures, turning off lights and detecting emissions that can save you money and keep you more comfortable in the long run.
  4. Ask an expert – Schedule an energy evaluation with your current electric company.

Down and dirty

Plants in and around the home have many added benefits.

  1. Recycle – But not the way you think. Look for recycled, restored or repurposed materials for your outdoor spaces such as furniture and flowerpots.
  2. Harvest – Since Florida has no rainwater harvesting restrictions, collect and use rainwater to cut down on irrigation to water plants and have as backup disposable water in case of a power outage.
  3. Plant – Whether you live in a high-rise complex or sprawling estate, planting fruits, vegetables, herbs, flora or fauna can help the butterfly and bee populations, attract birds, add shade, provide sustainable food sources, help reduce carbon emissions, and improve air and soil quality – as well as help your mood and mental health.
  4. Waste – Composting is an easy and effective way to put to use your food scraps and outdoor trimmings to create natural fertilizer while reducing landfill waste and preventing methane release.

Make better choices

Electric rental scooters in Downtown Sarasota.

  1. Power moves – Consider driving a hybrid or electric-powered automobile rather than one that requires all gas or diesel.
  2. Adjust your habits – Instead of driving everywhere, consider walking or bicycling if you can. Check with your local area on rideshare options or electric scooter and bike rentals.
  3. Be a mindful consumer – Choose or switch to brands and manufacturers that use sustainable resources, eco-friendly methods or give back to environmental causes.
  4. Get informed and get involved – There are endless opportunities to become more educated on sustainable solutions and renewable resources, as well as local, state, and global causes that make strides to reduce climate change and protect the planet. Support local organizations, volunteer in areas you’re passionate about and spread the word.

Earth Day may only be one day a year, but there are steps and choices we can all make every day that protects and improves the planet for the future.

If you’re interested in selling your energy-efficient home or looking for a new one that checks all your eco-friendly boxes throughout Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and Lee counties, reach out to one of our experienced Sales Associates for guidance.

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