Alicia Winters, Realtor®

Alicia Winters, Michael Saunders & Company®, Englewood Office
Mobile: 615.730.2147
Office: Englewood
1200 S McCall Rd, Englewood, FL 34223
Office phone: 941.473.7750
Languages spoken: English, Italian (Fluent)

Three qualities that best define Alicia Winters, tenacious, caring, and creative. Alicia works tirelessly until she locates the best fit for her clients, genuinely caring about them to help make their goals reality. She is also super creative in using unique approaches to open doors.

Alicia lives in Placida, Florida now, but has lived in Europe and all over the United States – in Bergamo, Italy (Ali... more.cia speaks Italian), Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Living in Florida for about three years, she is here to stay.

Alicia values her family and always feels heavily influenced by her father, an artist, architect, art teacher, and singer/songwriter. Her mother was a successful businesswoman, and Alicia also has a beautiful son who is the center of her world.

Having taught art, vocal music, theatre, and English for 20+ years, Alicia has explored other careers, such as being a singer/songwriter with her own actively performing Celtic band, an actress and model, a graphic designer, an advertising broker, and a newspaper reporter. She obtained a Master's degree and worked hard to achieve her educational goals. Her tenacity carries over into her strong work ethic and educational philosophy – never stop working hard and learning. Alicia has always wanted to work in real estate, but because she devoted herself to her son by teaching where he went to school and securing the same holidays he had, she remained in teaching. Now that her son is in college, Alicia is ready to launch her long-awaited real estate career. She chose real estate because to her a home reflects the people who live there. She thinks of a home as a special place where families live, grow, and love. The best lessons she's learned from her previous careers: always keep a cool head; nurture the good in people to get to their greatness; fiercely believe in people so they gain the courage to believe in themselves; treat others with love and compassion; anything worthwhile will take hard work.

Alicia belongs to the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and was nominated for four Grammys in the 40th annual Grammy Awards for her "Celtic Dream" album.

Some of Alicia's favorite activities outside of the workplace are singing and playing guitar with her Celtic band “Coddle Stew,” as well as chasing sunsets on South beach (Boca Grande), Manasota Key, and Blind Pass. She enjoys boating through the turquoise waters and sailing out to Little Gasparilla. She is an apparent lover of art and music, but also enjoys running, cycling, and weightlifting. Living on the Suncoast, the sea and sky are what she enjoys most about the area, as well as the people who seem much more relaxed than in other areas. Alicia Winters is ready to do what she was meant to do – work tirelessly to help her clients achieve their real estate dreams. ...less.