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10 Reasons We Love Summer in Sarasota

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Summer is officially here! Our snowbirds have returned to their homes in the north and things around Southwest Florida tend to slow down for the season. Still, for all the local “year-rounders”, there are so many reasons we think summer here is the tops. Here are a bunch of reasons why we love the summer!


1. Sunsets

Our summer weather pattern often brings us afternoon showers that clear up just as quickly as they come. The result? Amazing cloud formations that color in the sky as if Mother Nature got hold of crayons and a coloring book. Between the 8-9:00pm hour, all cameras are on standby as a new masterpiece descends over the horizon.

la barge, sarasota

sunset sarasota

2. Fewer People

According to the 2017 census,  Sarasota County’s population increases by an estimated 93,000 people during the winter months. With nearly 23% of our population out of state, the roadways calm down and it’s easy-peasy to get a seat at your favorite restaurant!



3. Warm Gulf Waters

Florida is home to the warmest waters on the United States mainland and there’s nothing like stepping into the Gulf of Mexico and reveling in the feel of warm water. Our sea temperatures on Siesta Key peak at 84 – 88 degrees Fahrenheit around mid-August.

sarasota beach

4. Summer Specials

Restaurants, attractions, boutiques, boating…there are all sorts of deals that locals can catch in the summer months. Case in point? Savor Sarasota! It offers pix-fixe menus with $16 lunches and $32 dinners.  While it kicked off June 1-14, many of our award-winning restaurants keep it going through the summer. Check the Savor Sarasota website for more details.


5. Arts and Culture

Beat the heat over the summer with excellent arts and cultural offerings. Here are a few seasonal suggestions:

The Sarasota Music Festival | June

Summer Sizzler Series | June – August

Summer Circus Spectacular | June-July

Summer MainStage | Jun-Aug
Summer Cabaret | June – September
Sarasota Improv Festival | July 12-14

Dog Days Theatre | July – August

Summer Cabaret Festival | July – Aug

Rocking Down Fairytale Lane | July 25 – August 12, 2018
West Coast Black Theatre Troop

The Sarasota Improv Festival takes place July 12, 13, 14

6. Flip flops, shorts, and summer dresses

While Florida is laidback all year round, summer is especially the time to embrace the tropical lifestyle. Flip flops and shorts, tank tops, hats, and summer dresses are our go-to for going out!

bradenton beach

7. Spectacular Thunderstorms

Who doesn’t love sitting next to the window and watching a storm roll in? Fortunately for us, our touch of turbulent weather never lasts for long and often brings with it a slight drop in temperature. (And it should be noted that true Floridians need no umbrella because they know the rain will be over soon!)

sarasota thunderstorm

8. Long Days

Daylight is our friend in the summer months and the sun certainly loves to linger. With the Summer Solstice on June 21st, we get 14 hours of light while September brings us just over 12 hours. Longer days means more time to play, whether it’s going to the beach after work or enjoying dinner and then taking a walk along the waterfront.

long boat key

9. No School

Hurrah! School’s out for the summer. Children love the extra time to frolic about whether they attend camp, enjoy the outdoors, watch movies, or ride bicycles. And bonus! Year-round locals appreciate the shorter commute times thanks to lack-of-school-buses.


10. Love the Locals

Whether or not you are openly high-fiving every stranger on the street (which we are not exactly recommending), there is a certain kinship that comes with those who live in SRQ all year round. You may be enjoying dinner out, visiting your hair salon, or shopping at your local market, and feel there’s an understanding that everyone else is equally invested in making our community a special place from January to December.

Sarasota Farmers market

What are some other reasons you love the summer in Sarasota? Comment below!

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