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Amazing Acts of Kindness: Agents organize community aid within Impact100 SRQ

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Members of ImpactSRQ 100 get engaged as they try to match the rising demand for help caused by Covid-19.

Our acts of kindness stories, to date, have focused on the needs our communities are immediately facing. Now, we turn our lens toward efforts being done for the future. Many months from now, areas of our communities – especially local nonprofits – will still be feeling the effects of this health crisis.

That is where philanthropic organizations like Impact100 SRQ are indispensable. Leading the charge are two St. Armands Circle I real estate agents, Joanna Benante and Amy Tupper. The founding board members of Imapct100 SRQ have said the organization is already strategizing and planning for how to help those who will still face challenges once the pandemic has subsided.

Founding board members of Impact100 SRQ and MSC sales associates, Joanna Benante and Amy Tupper

Modeled after the women-driven international Impact100 organization, the Sarasota-Manatee chapter’s mission is to empower women to collectively fund transformational grants to nonprofits in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Earlier this year, the two-year-old organization announced it had raised $342,000 to be awarded to three local charities in November. These grant awards solidify Impact100 SRQ’s commitment to the recovery of our community and its long-term needs.

Impact100 SRQ Board of Directors is mobilizing to address the immediate needs of their members and community by conducting wellness checks and sharing community resources as appropriate in line with the COVID-19 initiatives. They are also working with their 2019 nonprofit grant finalists to help fulfill their current needs (wishlists) and encouraging support for their local corporate supporters.

As this health crisis looms and continues to challenge charity efforts in the community, the SRQ chapter – the largest second-year chapter in the history of Impact100 globally – is doing all they can to help. Sarasota and Manatee nonprofits are invited to apply online through June 5th and have their project initiative considered within Impact100 SRQ’s grant review process. Women interested in getting involved can contact the local chapter here. For Joanna and Amy, being a part of this organization has far exceeded a passion for giving, and has become a mission of unity.



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