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Game of Thrones: Homes for Sale in the Seven Kingdoms

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Game of Thrones is back April 14 and we’re celebrating in the best way we know how – writing about the real estate!

Westeros is a continent of majestic landscapes, cultural diversity, and unspeakable terrors. Residents and visitors enjoy a range of lifestyle options, whether they prefer fishing in the Narrow Sea, hunting for wild boar in King’s Landing, or reanimating the dead in colder climates. Beyond Manatee, Charlotte, and Sarasota real estateMichael Saunders & Company has been presented with a remarkable opportunity to bring to market five castles of renowned beauty from across Westeros. “We’re delighted to be representing so many houses – both the families and the literal houses,” said Michael Saunders, First of Her Name, Wearer of Scarves, Broker of the Island Chains, Mother of Drayton, Ruler of the 24 Houses, and Queen of the Region.

Read on for our light-hearted take on what the property descriptions for these Game of Throne Castles would be.

The Red Keep 

King’s Landing offers sweeping water views of the Narrow Sea and Blackwater Bay.

Located in King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, the Red Keep boasts majestic water views of both the Narrow Sea and Blackwater Bay. With a venerated history and commanding architecture, imposing walls of red rock pay homage to the Keep’s legacy of fire-breathing dragons. Safety and security are paramount to the layout featuring expansive curtain walls that surround the castle. Vaulted halls, covered bridges, and heads of traitors on iron spikes create an intimidating atmosphere. Host occasions sure to impress any enemy in the Great Hall where the Iron Throne creates a distinctive centerpiece (furniture available under a separate contract). Loved ones will delight in the privacy and comfort of Maegor’s Holdfast, an ideal place for taking refuge when under siege. The courtyard has been freshly painted with a map of the Seven Kingdoms where one can enjoy dining al fresco or planning world-domination. The Tower of the Hand is perfect as a mother-in-law suite or for extended visits, boasting its own living quarters, offices, and en-suite privies. Dungeons on multiple levels can suit any manner of transgression. Completing the picture, a pet-friendly underground vault with the skulls of Targaryen dragons is ideal for secret meetings, eavesdropping, and target practice. In the very heart of King’s Landing, the Red Keep is central to shops, smithies, and an array of establishments of ill repute.  

*Investors may find a fantastic opportunity in redeveloping the area once known as the Great Sept of Baelor, ideal for low-income housing, luxury apartments, or hotels. Contact MS&C Commercial for more details.  


Castle Black

Discover the ultimate bachelor pad at Castle Black.


One of only three manned castles left on the Wall, discover the shield that guards the realms of men and be part of the cultural renaissance happening beyond the walls of Castle Black. This ultimate bachelor pad is the epitome of open-concept living, its only formidable curtain wall to the north, with the majority of its intricacies lying within via tunnels that allow easy passage of the Night’s Watch. The residence itself is comprised of unique towers and timber keeps suitable for any occasion – whether resting from dalliances with raiding wildlings in the Flint Barracks or plotting further mutiny in the Common Hall adorned with family crests of a bygone era. Take the private elevator within the Tower of Guards for unparalleled views of approaching armies of the dead and rejuvenate the body and mind in preparation for combat in the training yard. A flexible space, it also doubles as the ideal location to lure unsuspecting commanders to their untimely death for the aforementioned mutiny. Enjoy the winter wonderland of your surroundings en route to Mole’s Town, located half a league to the south along the kingsroad, with the haunted forest for oaths and offers also nearby. Castle Black treats its residents to an array of rich amenities, including the Night’s Watch library for those keen to uncover ancient records and books. Membership is optional for avid skiers/snowboarders.


Strategically sited on hot springs, stay warm in the longest of winters at Winterfell.

Custom built to the most exacting standards, Winterfell is traditionally the residence of the ruler of the north. It’s timeless design and architecture has stood for millennia despite various recent attacks. Located conveniently along the kingsroad, Winterfell is more than a thousand miles from King’s Landing. Its sustainable design has placed the castle on top of a hot spring, helping to keep the temperature warm even in the longest and coldest of winters. Supreme in scale, Winterfell balances voluminous spaces for entertaining with intimate leisure rooms. Iron accents designed to keep the White Walkers at bay delight in their ornate and murderous nature. Host a banquet in the feast hall or practice needlework in the guest rooms. Honor those who came before you in the winding tombs below the castle, also perfectly poised for family reunions, contemplative moments, and general brooding. Or reimagine the crypts as your own personal work out room or media center. Within its walls, a verdant Godswood is ideal for worshipping the Old Gods and includes a Heart Tree said to have been carved by the Children of the Forest. Loved ones will find plenty to do whether practicing archery in the courtyard, climbing towers, or warging into wolves, ravens, and poor unassuming giant men. Winterfell’s enviable location places it in the center of the northern territories, yet south of the Wall, an ideal stronghold to wage war and perhaps defeat the armies of the dead.  



Dragon-friendly and built with old magic, Dragonstone is the ideal island estate.

Surrounded by brackish waters and providing panoramic views of Blackwater Bay of the crownlands, Dragonstone is more than a castle – it is a magical fortress. Said to be built of liquid stone derived from old Valyrian sorcery and the use of dragonfire, this dark enchanting castle offers impenetrable walls, powerful towers to see for miles on the horizon as your dragons fly over the sea, and a long stone bridge taking you from the front steps to the sandy beach beyond. The most powerful lords will appreciate the grim and intimidating exterior appearance and dragon-like architecture throughout the mountainous island. Leading to your private armory and smithy, expansive wings cover the entry and dragon tails form archways and staircases. Find inspiration from the former owners, notable House Targaryen and House Baratheon, in your private library or castle yard before strategizing your next expansion into the Seven Kingdoms from the Chamber of the Painted Table in the Stone Drum tower. Windows in every direction allow full view of the island parameter and furnishings include the infamous Painted Table depicting a perfect replica of the map of Westeros, roughly 50-feet long with historical ties. The Great Hall features a giant dragon head where you pass through the carved open mouth to enter the kitchen where you can enjoy the catch of the day from the local fishing village below the curtain walls. End your day with a peaceful stroll through Aegon’s Garden, maintenance-free and fruitful, leading to the shore to capture a beautiful sunset and breathe in the salty, smoky air.


The Eyrie

A true royal stronghold, this sky-high beauty is perfect for those seeking refuge and fresh air.

Dating back to the oldest lines in Andal nobility, this ancient castle is surely a prize to call home for any discerning lord or lady. Situated in the Mountains of the Moon closest to Giant’s Lance, relish in the sense of elation seven-thousand feet above the valley. Located in Vale of Arryn, one of Westeros’s capital regions, there is no better place to enjoy crisp breezes and fresh air. Impregnable to attacks, this castle grants the ultimate in security and strength for peace of mind. Seven white towers rise from the lush landscaped gardens of the ground, creating an impression of grandeur. Inside, sounds of Alyssa’s Tears waterfall can be heard throughout the home. Walls of blue-veined marble clad the High Hall, where a long foyer leads you to a comfortable wood-carved throne where you can welcome the rare occasion of guests upon their arrival. Entertain in the Crescent Chamber which hosts as a reception hall featuring several fireplaces. Should the festivities turn unfavorable and discussions of treason develop, simply slide open the shield of the Moon Door – which opens to a 600-foot drop – located in the center of High Hall and have your now-unwanted guests departed. Anyone remaining can be kept in the Sky Cells where sloping shelves hollowed out in the mountain’s cliffs are open to the stark cold air and howling winds, giving intruders and traitors time to contemplate their decisions. After entertaining, casually meander through the gardens or courtyard and down to the mountain’s valley for a refreshing end to your day.

Comment below with any questions about these fine estates or visit to browse luxury homes for sale in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties. Or discover the advantage of selling your home with one of our experienced agents.


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