Located on Sarasota Bay and just a breath away from Bradenton or Sarasota, Tidy Island is a gorgeous, private waterfront community with exclusive residential options. Designed with Caribbean flair, the 240-acre residential complex offers 160 acres deeded to the University of South Florida and reserved as a nature preserve. Only 138 residences can ever be built on the island, assuring its destiny as an uncrowded site for gracious living. ... more.Improvements to the island were thoughtfully planned and painstakingly implemented. To complement nature, a sparkling lake was created as the core of an extensive recreation center. Amenities including swimming pools, tennis, boardwalk nature trail, and bay front parks have been added. A pet-friendly community, Tidy Island offers single-family homes and townhomes on Sarasota Bay, "quads" on the lagoon, and buildable lots for townhomes and single-family homes. Tidy Island is condominium ownership and, therefore, maintenance-free.