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The spring/summer 2020 edition of SaundersBEST is here!

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The newest issue of SaundersBest is a look ahead.

In some ways, it was a different world when we sent our spring/summer issue of SaundersBest Magazine to press earlier this year.

COVID-19 had yet to constrain and challenge us. We were not sheltering in place. Businesses were bustling. Our focus for the issue was on the dawn of a new decade, the richness of our local community, and the truly amazing homes we have listed for sale.

Things have changed.

And yet…

We know that our normal lives will return. We know that our community is strong. We know that the beauty and culture that draw people here from around the world remains.

And we know that people’s real estate aspirations will outlast this crisis.

So, we encourage you to view our newest issue not as a look back, but a look ahead – to what awaits us when we resume life out and about on our beloved Gulf Coast.

You can view the digital version of the magazine below. Physical copies will be delivered to Wall Street Journal subscribers throughout the Tampa and Sarasota markets as a special insert.

Enjoy. We will see you soon.

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