• Sherri Mills, Longboat Key South Office

    Sherri Mills,

    Longboat Key office

    "I chose Michael Saunders & Company simply because it's the best."

    Sherri Mills,

    Longboat Key South Office
  • Deborah Beacham, Main Street Office

    Deborah Beacham,

    Main Street Office

    "The name Michael Saunders in this community means strong reputation, longevity, and complete commitment to the agents and the community we serve."

    Deborah Beacham,

    Main Street - Sarasota Office
  • Drew Russell, Main Street - Sarasota Office

    Drew Russell,

    Main Street - Sarasota Office

    "The name Michael Saunders & Company just has so much clout behind it. I know as a young agent it helped me get into some listings I may not have gotten into on my own."

    Drew Russell,

    Main Street Office
  • Judy Nimz, Main Street - Sarasota Office

    Judy Nimz,

    Main Street - Sarasota Office

    "The company does dominate the market in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties, so when I take a listing I know it will be easier to sell working with other agents in the company."

    Judy Nimz,

    Main Street - Sarasota Office

Clear advantages

  1. Locally-owned, globally renowned

    Now in our fourth decade of local, independent ownership we are beholden to no one but our clients and customers. Thus, we possess the flexibility to choose the best global affiliations at any time; choosing only those that produce the best results for you.

    Couple that with our local, easily accessible leadership team and outstanding office support staff, you have the right resources available to excel you to the top of your game.

    Drew Russell, Main Street - Sarasota Office
    Drew Russell, Realtor
    "I've always struggled with corporate structure — if I've ever needed anything, Michael's always available... there's no level of middle management."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2006
  2. Better exposure, more leads

    With Michael Saunders & Company, we find buyers for your listed properties by exposing your homes to the widest audience possible.

    Exclusive international affiliations, multi-office locations, influential real estate partnerships and strategic online networks ensure the best reach for your clients.

    Jo-Anne Sckowska, Venice Office
    Jo-Anne Sckowska, Broker-Associate
    "The company is constantly changing and ahead of the industry so we can have the best tools and support systems for our listings."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2007
  3. Work with the Very Best

    Manage your real estate transactions alongside the most knowledgeable, best-connected professionals in the business.

    Our agents are hand-picked for their excellence in the industry, so you know you are surrounded by a qualified team of experts in the field.

    Marcia Salkin, Main Street - Sarasota Office
    Marcia Salkin, Realtor
    "Its not just the leaders, it’s the people that come together every week."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2008
  4. Targeted Market Area

    With nearly four decades in the business and 23 office locations only on Florida's Gulf Coast, no one knows our market area better.

    Our strategically placed offices allow remarkable referral opportunities between team members serving varying segments of our market.

    Pam Blalock, Bradenton Office
    Pam Blalock, Realtor
    "This company represents excellence in the market."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2016
  5. Powerful World-Wide Affiliations

    We partnered with some of the world's most influential real estate networks to expand your potential for reaching international buyers.

    Florida's Gulf Coast is our home. The world is our pool of buyers.

    Joseph McDonald, Main Street - Sarasota Office
    Joseph McDonald, Realtor
    "Michael Saunders & Company is a well respected leader in at the global level in the real estate industry. The brand presence, training, collaboration and market dominance make MSC the best place to grow my career."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2019
  6. Full-Service Real Estate Support

    With dedicated mortgage, title, relocation, technology, marketing and call center services, we have every facet of your real estate covered.

    We are your one-stop shop for all you need to be successful.

    Jonathan Abrams, Siesta Key Office
    Jonathan Abrams, Realtor
    "The company is your personal assistant."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2013
  7. Market Share

    Michael Saunders & Company consistently dominates the tri-county market in real estate sales. This proven record of accomplishment places us at the forefront of clients' minds when seeking to buy or sell property.

    We get results for those we serve.

    Tina Ciaccio, Lakewood Ranch Office
    Tina Ciaccio, Realtor
    "Nowhere but here is there a platform for an agent to sustain their best long standing results for a stellar business model."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2015
  8. Strength of Brand

    Michael Saunders & Company is a known and trusted international brand. Clients interpret the name as one of quality, exceptional service and the very best in real estate support — with very good reason.

    When backed by the Michael Saunders & Company brand, you bring the very same trust, confidence and proficiency recognized by generations of home buyers and sellers on Florida's Gulf Coast.

    Well known and trusted. A reputation earned through experience and client satisfaction.

    Ian Addy, Longboat Key South Office
    Ian Addy, Realtor
    "Our listings come more smoothly because of the trust in the brand. We dominate the sales graph."
    At Michael Saunders & Company since 2007

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